Viewing and removing old enterprise account users

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4 - Data Explorer

I have recently started with a new organisation as an Airtable Admin for their Enterprise account, and have just recently validated the domain and am now trying to manage user accounts and permissions more effectively including good procedure for deactivation/off-boarding. I've noticed that when editing 'collaborator' fields LOTS of old staff member accounts appear as options and it says they are "Enterprise account users without base access", these same people also appear as options when I am adding people into Airtable user groups. Ideally I would love it if these old staff members were hidden from these lists as it's confusing to sift through so many names.

I thought perhaps I could rename them to "zz_name" or something via the Admin panel to at least push them to the bottom of the list and indicate visually that they aren't active, however, I have just realised I can't see them in the Admin user panel AT ALL! I have adjusted the filters to show both active accounts and deactivated accounts and they aren't there. In fact, I can't see ANY deactivated accounts - which is strange as there should definitely be a number of accounts that have previously been activated and are now deactivated.

Any idea why these ghost accounts are still visible via collaborator fields and in user group settings, but can't be seen anywhere else in the Admin panel? What am I missing?

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