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4 - Data Explorer

Hey Everyone,

I had a question about visualizing data that you recieve from form submissions. We are accepting applications for a program that requires a small team to access the entries and approve or deny. Currently I planned on having them look at the table and expand the view to read their information. This isn’t ideal as the modals are kind of narrow and from an experience its a little cumbersome.

For anyone that has used google forms, when you are an admin you can basically look at each form submission in a way that it shows you a view of the acutal form, except with their answers filled in. This was just a more palatable way to look at each. Is there a way to do something like this in airtable?

When people submit I get an email that has all of their filled in info laid out, a page like this in airtable would be perfect. I’m new to airtable so I apologize if there is a very obvious solution to this.

Thank you!

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Unfortunately, Airtable doesn’t offer any custom views, but you can create your own custom views with this app: On2Air: Amplify.