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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey everyone,

I have been tasked with taking an existing base, and transforming it into a linked, automated, wonderful work space and looking for help on where to start.

The base has multiple tables, none of which are linked but this is something I need to put in place. I also need to create a task management table, or dashboard where multiple users can assign tasks and be up to date on projects. I’m a total novice with airtable and I’m stuck on where to start…any suggestions please?

Thank you!

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I’d recommend doing some reading here:

Regarding Linked tables, pay special attention to these two:


Since you are new to Airtable, this might be a bit much to take on all at once.

  • If there is budget, consider hiring a consultant to look at things for you.
  • Learn how Airtable works–there are free courses and YouTube videos.
  • Duplicate the base and do your experimenting in a duplicate copy of the base. That way you do not risk messing up your real data.
  • If the base has many tables and and many fields, considering using the Field List App to see a list of all the fields in your base. (Note: I am the author of this app.)
  • Find out if all your users will be collaborators on the base with edit access. If people need to use the base, but will not be editors on the base, you may need a portal system.