Why form entires, from different forms, show up in multiple forms?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello All,

Just starting out with forms and looking for tutorials.

My very first issue is that someone setup a form for me, which had the right questions and Ive tried to create a new one by duplicating it and now responses from the two forms are showing up in both, without being able to separate their source. Can you please advise?

Can you direct to a comprehensive source of information on AT?

Thank you

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Welcome to the community, @Zoltan_Babo! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Form views are tied to tables. If you have more than one form view on a table, even if the fields are different, all of the data still goes into the same table.

One way to separate the responses is to create unique grid views to isolate the fields for each table. To isolate the actual form responses (records), you’d need to add a filter. Assuming there’s at least one field that’s required in each form, filtering by the appropriate field in each view would get the job done.

If the data collected by each form is different enough, you might consider making a new table for the second form.