Would like some help with this Idea! to circumvent not having DATE_MODIFIED() function

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

So i noticed there is no DATE_MODIFIED function.
And i would like to keep track of when i last had a conversation with some-one.
My initial structure idea was:

[Full_Name] - Type of work - Job function - Conversation - <- this needs a date to know when last talked.
I notice that when you expand it does show a last edited date inside that. How come we cant use that data?

Since we cant.
My idea was to make a new Table

[Conversation_ID] - Full_Name (select from table#1) - Conversation - Created Time function <- I want to fetch this and put it in table #1

I cant wrap my head around how to write this in a formula. In words it would be.

  1. Get [Full_Name] from my current row.
  2. Look at table number #2 (conversations table)
  3. Find entries with identical [Full_Name] in this table.
  4. Find the latest entry from this data-set
  5. What is the date in this latest Row of data.

If that makes sense?

So far all i got is:

  1. {Full Name}
  2. FIND({Full Name},conversations table) – Returns a 0
  3. ?
  4. Probably gonna need the MAX(number1, [number2, …]) Function for this.

I dont know… i feel so **** stupid… :frowning:

Would love suggestions. Input on this.

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