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Ability to hide/show fields differently for expanded view

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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

“Expand Record” would be ten times more useful if I could configure field visibility so that more fields are visible automatically in expanded view than are visible in grid view. I’d like to be able to create compact grid views showing (say) six fields, and when user clicks the “expand record” button (or types Space), the expanded view dialog would show all six of the grid fields PLUS other fields per my configuration for that expanded view.

I am aware that there is a button in expanded that says something like “14 hidden fields” and I can click that button to see those hidden fields. But in addition to being an extra pain in the neck, this is less helpful to my users than it needs to be. Airtable often requires the use of utility fields that users never need to view. I’d like to be able to continue hiding THOSE fields, but show others that would be useful to users.

I can think of different ways this might implemented. The easiest way that would work for me, would be to have TWO columns of show/hide toggle buttons in the hidden fields setup dialog: one for the grid and one for the expanded view. In other words, add a second column next to the yellow column highlighted in the screenshot below.

I do not think it is necessary or even very helpful to be able to show a field in expanded view that is NOT shown in grid view. So if the field is not visible in the grid, the option to show it in the expanded view would be disabled. Nor would it be necessary or helpful to be able to order the fields differently. I’d just like to be able to toggle some of the fields to show in expanded view but be hidden in grid.


I’d be very very happy to get what I’m asking for above. But since I’m asking, it would be fantastic if it were also possible to create sections in the expanded view — even if it were a matter simply of inserting a dividing line.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

also would love this!