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Airtable Capability to Schedule Batch Update Block

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi Team Airtable,

Airtable Blocks makes particular usecases possible to execute in just a fly. One such block is Batch Update, which by simple mouse pointer based selections, an action by action batch update can be performed.

Can this Batch Update Block, with a set of actions, be scheduled to automatically run on a particular weekday at a particular time every week? Presently, although simple, I have to manually go to run the block every week. Can this be scheduled?

I don’t think there is integration of Airtable blocks with Zapier, it’d be great if that was possible.

I need to clear entire contents of a single field (or fill the field, in all records, with “No Value” string) every Friday at 12AM, I believe I can achieve this with scheduled Batch Update Block.

Best Regards,
Ashutosh Buddhiraju