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Base schema app (possible improvement)

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12 - Earth
12 - Earth

Base schema is a great application, especially for large complex bases with a lot of tables and links. But at some point it’s not convenient to use because you can’t scale it to fit page and be able to read table/name fields at the same time. Example:

I did a little custom improvement to create schema of linked fields, for clear vision - which tables are linked and how, by excluding other fields. The same example base output looks like:

(all table/field names here were changed to prevent disclosure)

For those, who interested in details,
in custom app, with ‘Base schema’ example

  • frontend/parseSchema, added 2 strings:
    in “function parseSchema(base), under table.fields.forEach(field => {”
    if (field.type!=FieldType.MULTIPLE_RECORD_LINKS) return;
    at the beginning, between “import” statements on 2nd and 4th line:
    var _models = require("@airtable/blocks/models");
    (also changed forms to remove usused buttons, but that’s not mandatory)

The point is - in my case with large bases, such type of view is more useful than ‘natural’ with all the fields included.

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

On2Air Schema goes a little further than Airtable’s base schema app: