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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I was testing blocks yesterday and I was very impressed with its flexibility and usefulness (and beauty as well). I really thought that it was an old feature since I am using Airtable for two days only.
Unfortunately, I will use them as long as you allow it in free plan. As I don’t have any company it won’t be affordable for me to pay any Pro plan.
Congratulations for this feature but, IMHO, the blocks are the main “killer feature”. Without them in free plan I am really convinced I can do most of the tasks and analysis in Google Spreadsheets as I always did.

You have to think the differences between Microsoft and Google in terms of what is free and what is charged. I really think you should reconsider the blocks as an only PRO feature. Maybe you should restrict the number of blocks (2 or 3, for instance) for each spreadsheet, but it MUST be in free plan, otherwise you may lose a lot of people, like me, who will keep on Google spreadsheets.

PS: I also love the different Views in each spreadsheet, but they are not as appealing as the blocks.

I hope my feedback makes you think more about that!

Thanks and congratulations!

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

+1 I came here to share the same feedback.

I think this feature is killer and transformative for businesses. It could be transformative for personal projects, too, as a gateway to significantly more awareness and adoption. However, it will never make sense to pay $20/mo. for a personal plan to get this functionality. And without this feature, there’s not enough to keep me using Airtable on the $10 plan for personal projects.

I hope you reconsider and at least add blocks to the $10 plan.