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Community Resources Categories & Sub-categories

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’ve created a database of all our community resources for our call center program. Currently have about 3,000 community resources. My issues is regarding the “Services Provided” column I have set up. For each community resource we have in our database, we also identify the types of services they provide. Each service is divided into multiple categories and sub-categories. For example:


  • Financial Assistance
    • Rent
    • Utlities

Each resource con contain multiple services (i.e. education, basic needs, etc.), and within each general service category they can contain multiple sub-categories of services. Now I only have 8 general categories for services provided, but there a lot more sub-categories within each one. How would I be able to display this on our database? From what I understand this would be a many-to-many type of relationship. Would this require me to create a separate table for each category, then link it to my main community resources database? Would I use a checkbox for field type? Any suggestions? Would greatly appreciate any input.