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Custom Record Titles - ie. call records something Unique, not selected from pre-defined list

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect
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I often scroll through the list of 'What should each record be called?' and am left a little flummoxed by the inability to select a custom 'name' for records. For instance, 'Template' doesn't exist, though I often have a table dedicated to Templates. 'Prompt' is another one, which I often use to store AI prompts.

I imagine it's a bit of a slog putting together that massive list of potential record naming conventions, so if possible, could you let us create our own record 'names' for records in a table?

As an extension, could we have variable record names which are defined by a single select field? This one's a bit more unlikely for you guys to implement, but I often reuse tables that have the same structure for multiple types of records (ie. Quotes and Invoices, or Time Blocks and Shifts). 

Anyways thanks so much 🙏