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Expand the Size of the Single & Multiple Select Fields Editor Window & Better Control for Sorting

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator
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I love using Single & Multiple Select Fields when designing my bases. This option helps keep the data consistent and saves data entry time. My list of possible options usually is long in these fields and I am struggling to edit them in the space provided in the pop-up window.
I am particular about the way I sort them. Sometime alphabetically doesn't do the trick and I need to manual drag and drop them in order. However, I am finding this very hard to do bc the window size of the Single & Multiple Field Editor is so small... I can basically only see 2-3 lines at a time. Also, sometimes I want to see the whole list at one time so I can make evaluations on the content within each list and what needs to be edited or removed.
I looked to find a way to expand the Single & Multiple Field Editor, but the feedback that I received through the AT Community was the only way to do this was through the Kanban view or possibly a 3rd Party extension.
Would it be possible for AT to update the design of the Single & Multiple Field Editor Window and allow the ability to drag a corner of the window to make the Editor window bigger? Or open another window to allow editing of these fields.
Also, I would like to be able to move the fields while sorting using the up and down arrow keys. I find it hard to control w/ the mouse/drag feature.
In other Dbase programs I've worked with, the ability to edit these fields is a lot easier because of better program design. AT has a lot going for it, and I am surprised this feature isn't designed to be more user-friendly.
Thank you for the consideration!