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extension suggestion: org chart, flowchart

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast
Status: New Ideas
What is the proposed idea/solution?

org chart extension: rather than listing every single field beneath the table heading, creating a searchbar option for each table where you type the field name in and the extension then shows ONLY the fields across the base that are connected/impacted by changes to that field. 

flow chart extension: (1)Allowing for more than a hundred records to be included, (2) arranging them to fill the screen rather than listed in a line regardless of whether they are connected to other records and (3) allowing for the possibility to zoom in and out

How does is solve the user problems?

org chart extension: currently, this extension is only practical for relatively simple bases. this change would allow for more focused conceptualizing and trouble-shooting of bases. 


flowchart extension: current configuration is very limited and difficult to use for tables/views with more than 100 records. these changes would allow for use with larger data sets and clearer visualization.WestenGehring_1-1696858556901.png

How was this validated?

Not sure what this means, but this is based on my own experience using Airtable.

Who is the target audience?

org chart extension: anybody who is interested in a powerful, usable visualization of their base (presumably most airtable users). i was extremely excited when i came across this extension, and i think the added elements mentioned above could make this much more useful. currently it feels more like a neat trick that doesn't work effectively for the bases that could benefit most

flowchart extension: users interested in showing how records within a table are linked, particularly users trying to show a network of interrelated records (applicable for users in practically any field). my organization is building an international network of researchers on various types of perennial crops, and this extension could be an incredibly powerful tool for visualizing various elements within the network (hubs, sub-networks, geographical range of these sub-networks through color-coding... etc)