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Finder box - Can I search loose words not just as specific phrase

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Let’s say I have records with following titles:

  1. Red car not yellow
  2. Yellow car not red
  3. Red car only
  4. Red and not yellow
  5. Only yellow car
  6. Car is red

If I put into search box RED CAR, I want following records to get highlighted/filtered
1, 2 3, 6.

Instead of that the Finder will only highlight the records with exact expression. In this case only records with “red car” expression in title. In my case only following will be highlighted/filtered:

I am not talking about FILTER tool in the menu (that filter tool beside Hidden Fields, Sorted By and Goup). I am talking here about the Finder / Search box which is quite handy for a quick search and important for search on mobile device.

The reason I mention Highlight/Filter here as the result of the search when using the Finder box is because this finder behaves differently on desktop/browser than it does on mobile device.

On desktop/browser, the finder highlights records containing searched terms.
On mobile device, in the mobile app, the finder actually filters the records and thus behaves similarly to what the Filter function would do.

So I wonder if there are any search operators I can use in the Finder box to search. I tried something like: RED OR CAR but I’m not getting anything.