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First class connections to other apps

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9 - Sun
9 - Sun

Zapier is great, but I wish Airtable had integrations with other apps as a first class feature.

My boss approved use of Airtable to replace one app we used but was nervous about also getting rid of Salesforce.

“Can data feed into Airtable from Salesforce?”

Sure, I promised. What I didn’t say is that we’d need to adopt Yet Another Dashboard of an app (Zapier) that has it’s own quirks, workflows, outages, and obtuse privacy promises.

Our team needs to be trained on another thing, our corproate card has to be charged by another service , and our password manager would need to secure and share another password.

Here’s the model I think airtable should adopt:

Gravity Forms connects directly to a dozen popular services. And they enable Zapier for the long tail of apps.

If Airtable did the same it would help my team a lot. Specifically I request connections to these:

Google Sheets
Airtable itself!