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Goals and/or Over Under Limits on Summary Bar

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

It would be nifty to have a select option for a column summary that would compare a sum to a stated/static goal, or a dynamic one even… . For example, my column summary can tell me we’ve awarded $1,000,000 in grants for a certain program, but it cannot tell me how close we are to a goal or limit. I can achieve this kind/sort by doing many to one linking in a secondary table, doing a rollup, and then a calculation (as @ScottWorld points out here.

To have this goal/limit number be linkable by a lookup/reference to another field would be really swell.

I know, we are talking about features that support stuff that Excel is meant to do, Airtable is a database not a spreadsheet, etc etc. I get it. But thought it might be worth sharing the idea about the additional option in the summary bar.

My use case is a grant database that airtable handles really well, but when we get to the very end of huge amount of work, and are making grant awards and divvying up projects into various budgeted categories, wrestling with the reports/blocks/summaries/running balances of how much can go where has been challenging.

I don’t expect this to get to the top of the feature list of Airtable, but I feel better sharing.

(Related to this - that I am sure is mentioned other places - bold/formatting options for summary rows and headers!! I’ll go find those posts and give them an upvote haha)

If others have ideas on working with limits and remainders like this, I’m all ears.

Anyway, thanks!!


EDIT - PS, this same function could be added to COUNT as and X out of Y situation, or to others maybe that I have not contemplated