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Hyperlinks in rollups of linked fields

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

One feature I like in AirTable is the ability to open up the expanded view of a linked item from within an expanded view. However, I’m working with a complex data model at the moment, which means I’m making a lot of use of rollups of linked fields using the ARRAYUNIQUE(values) formula - e.g. if I have a table of books, which are on shelves, which are in rooms, I might use this to get a list of books which are in rooms.

Unfortunately, when I’m looking at a list of linked items within a rollup like this, I can’t open this popup - all I see is a list of the names of the items (i.e. in the expanded view of a room, I just get a list of books and can’t open up the expanded views of the books directly). I appreciate that it couldn’t work the same way as a directly linked field, as in this example, books are linked to shelves, and not directly linked to rooms. But instead, could you have a simple hyperlink that opens up the expanded view?

This would provide quick access to allow users to edit an object e.g. editing a book without giving the functionality, say, to add or remove books to/from a room without first adding/removing them from a shelf.

Hope this makes sense - let me know if not and I’ll try and clarify.