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Include financial formulas to Formula Field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I work with financial metrics for projects and I will love to be able to calculate Net Present Value (NPV), Internal Rate of Return (IRR) on my projects, as well as other and other basic financials metrics. Please add the functionality.

9 - Sun
9 - Sun

There is little emphasis for financial use case on Airtable. I suggest you use or google sheets for this case.

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

One option is to use On2Air: Actions, which offers 8 financial functions for Airtable:

  • Present Value (PV)
  • Future Value (FV)
  • Payment
  • Interest Payment
  • Principal Payment
  • Interest Rate (IR)
  • Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Internal Rate of Return (IRR)