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Keyboard shortcut to add new linked record

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13 - Mars

Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V works fine to create a new linked record by pasting a value into a linked record field for the first record created. If the user attempts to add a second linked record through copy/paste, though, the second record replaces the first instead of creating another linked record.

My preference would be for Airtable to pay attention to how the linked-record field is configured: If ‘Allow linking to multiple records’ is toggled off, subsequent copy/paste actions should replace any existing record; if it is toggled on, subsequent actions should result in the creation of additional records. However, implementing such functionality at this point would likely disrupt existing bases, so I’ll for the next-best thing: A keyboard shortcut (Shift-Ctrl-V, perhaps?) to paste a value into a linked record field that will always[1] result in the creation of a new linked record.

  1. …with one exception: If the field is configured not to allow linking to multiple records, and a linked record already exists, pasting a value into the field using the new shortcut will not result in a new record being created. What does happen, I’m not sure: One possibility would be the new paste action overrides the existing linked record, the same as if the user had pressed Ctrl-V. I don’t think I like that: Since the user intentionally selected the ‘add a record’ shortcut, presumably replacing an existing record wouldn’t be acceptable. I’d prefer Airtable generate an error message saying that links to multiple records are not allowed. Should the user wish to replace the existing record using the new value, he or she can simply respond to the message by pressing Ctrl-V.