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(Limited) Sharing Of Blocks / Dashboard

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This subject may have been discussed in the past but I haven’t seen any solution.

Now, I desperately want to share a dashboard (blocks) with a crowd of contractors, or at least single blocks which I may group as a dashboard on our website by embedded code. BUT: as long as the people I share the blocks with have full access to all tables I cannot do it.

It must be possible to have the option to share a block where the “settings”, “show data”, etc. is simply to be enabled/disabled to protect the database.

At the moment the share option for blocks seems totally contrary to the shared view option, where you can limit access to the data you really want to share. And limited access makes sense for blocks, too, doesn’t it?

Help, help, as this issue is soooo essential in our projects where data is shared with thousands of people.

Thanks & best regards,