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Link: Optionally Enable Use of Current Filters, and View Reference for Target Table

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Feature Request: Based on this suggested solution. ( posted to AirTable Forum: How to Reflect Filtered Records on One Table to Lookup in Another? )

• In a link, allow the option to use current filters applied to the target table
• also allow selection of a view on the target table as a view can retain filter settings.
• This would leverage the use of filters to provide a much clearer interface structure and avoid the additional columns and clunky formulas with embedded variables that must be updated on a periodic basis to achieve the same goal. This would be better achieved by optionally enabling the use of current filters on the target table for the link and further enabling the selection of a view on that table.

Perhaps there are underlying architectural concepts that I have yet to understand with regard to AirTable. But, the solution that I implemented is not elegant. An Elegant implementation reduces complexity to those creating and using airTable elements making a better, and more robust and malleable solution.

Any suggestions are most welcome : )