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Modular Lists in Tables

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hey Airtable + Community,

One thing which would make my day in Airtable is the ability to create my own custom list, similar to a table with entries (in that it would be accessible across the application), but behave in the same was as the single or multiple select fields.

The clearest use for this that I can think of would be a list of all 50 states. Right now, if I want to create a single select of a state, I have to either enter in each state into a list on each table which references states or create a table and use a link to another record field type that is populated with the states.

An alternative to the second solution would be the proposed modular list, which could be accessed across the base.

This could be stored in a folder on the base, rather than as a table tab, to help minimize clutter.

Eventually, I think it would be great to add in more modular items into this folder. Reusable formulas, for instance, or images used in blocks.

I hope this idea can get some purchase.