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New Formula Field Functions

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14 - Jupiter
14 - Jupiter

There are several requests floating around the forums related to the need/desire for more formula field functions - mostly related to arrays, linked records, or javascript like functionality.

I’m going to create this #feature-requests post with some of the initial ones that I have posted myself, or have seen in the forums, and I will endeavor to keep it updated with new ones that I find or see posted; and, I will even endeavor to cross them off the list as Airtable implements them :winking_face:

To keep the format clean, I’m going to make a section that lists just the function requested and a brief description of functionality - I think the intention for use and the use-cases should be clear by the structure of the function. This will be followed by a section with links to some of the posts I have seen addressing the need/desire for some of these functions.

Airtable users - If you have an idea for a function that is not currently in the list, post it as a reply here and I will try to add it to the list in this OP if the intention is clear and the functionality seems feasible.

@Airtable_Support, @Airtable_Team, @Katherine_Duh, @Howie, @Kasra - please consider :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Functions List

LOOKUP(table, field, linked-records-field)
  • Lookup field functionality, but can be evaluated within a formula field
  • Rollup field functionality, but can be evaluated within a formula field
ARRAY_DIFF(array 1, array 2)
  • Takes two arrays (or strings of objects with a separator that can easily be converted to an array) - returns {array 3} which contains all objects from {array 1} that do not also exist in {array 2} (ie, subtract {array 2} from {array 1})
ARRAY_EACH(array, variable, FUNCTION())
  • Takes an array and a compatible Function - loops over the array and for each object, saves the object in the variable, and allows the user to use the variable in the chosen, compatible, string function (such as SUBSTITUTE(), or FIND()) or in logical Functions (such as IF(), OR(), AND()); works like a JS for loop
ARRAY_INTERSECT(array 1, array 2, array 3, ...)
  • Takes any number of arrays (or strings of objects with a separator that can easily be converted to an array) - returns an array with only objects that exist in every array provided to the function

Links List

12 - Earth
12 - Earth

You can use this way for your goal. Topic is here, but I don’t think it has more helpful info to add to my quote and picture.


14 - Jupiter
14 - Jupiter

Unfortunately, it’s been 4 years now and none of this has been added. While it’s true that scripting automations (which were implemented after this feature request was made) can basically address all the same use-cases, that is much less approachable to many people than a formula field, and a lot less convenient in a lot of cases.

11 - Venus
11 - Venus

The power of Formula fields is also from API responses. Through my initial use of them, I noticed that data sent to Airtable via an API call then returned the calculated field in that same operation - Although I’m yet to leverage this, it’s one thing to keep in mind when deciding whether data needs to be calculated in a formula field or returned by a scripting Automation.