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New Shortcuts in the workspace

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hello. I 've noticed the addition of new button-style shortcuts.
Each time you press New Form, or New Grid…it creates a NEW base. this is so confusing and extremely waste of precious space.
Why someone who can easily add a new base, to have these buttons on the top, which do something very very very specific.

If anyone has found usability on this layout, please share with us


12 - Earth
12 - Earth


I strongly agreed with near half of statements, and rather agreed or neutral with others, except 17 and maybe 32.
Before, we were drowned in corporate views, which collaborators spawned as “create and forget”. Also I can’t miss a chance to thank AT developers for really useful tools like ‘Manage fields’ (with ability to sort field types) and ‘Insights’. I have personal small base, and it’s no problem to manage views/fields manually.
But when administering enterprise with 10+ workspaces and 50+ bases, these improvements are very helpful. I just miss a role which can let me use some of the central management tools without granting me enterprise admin roles.

I understand that you summarized opinion of many different users and companies, so my objections is not for discuss, just an alternative point of view.