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Within Interfaces apply a dynamic filter to a editable field

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

This is my first post…sorry.

I’m using an interface to display relevant information from a table. The user can add records to the table using editable field elements. However the list of records that appears is very large and it’s difficult to easily find what you want. In this example the record is information relating to a machine, the machine has subassemblies. The user needs to log some information regarding a specific subassembly of a machine but the field element lists all subassemblies of all machines.

An improvement would be to only list the subassemblies for the specific machine the information is being logged to.

The field element could have a filter that can be chosen based on a record from another field. This way when the user presses on the field element they are presented only with records that match a filter that was determined by another field that is already set.

Hope that makes sense and somebody can advise?