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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer
Status: New Ideas

Proposed Idea/Solution: The proposed idea is to introduce a feature in Airtable that allows users to view PDF attachments side by side within the Airtable interface. This feature would enable users to compare and reference multiple PDF documents simultaneously, enhancing their workflow efficiency and productivity.

How Does it Solve the User Problems: This solution addresses the user's need to work with multiple PDF documents simultaneously without having to switch between tabs or applications. By providing a side-by-side view of PDF attachments directly within Airtable, users can seamlessly compare and reference documents, leading to improved usability and productivity.

How Was This Validated: This solution was proposed based on the user's expressed need for enhanced PDF attachment handling in Airtable, particularly the ability to view PDFs side by side. While Airtable currently doesn't offer this feature, the proposal aligns with the user's workflow requirements and feedback.

Who is the Target Audience: The target audience for this proposed feature includes Airtable users who frequently work with PDF attachments and would benefit from the ability to view them side by side within the Airtable interface. This could include professionals in various industries, such as project managers, researchers, educators, and more, who rely on PDF documents for their work.