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Product suggestion: calendar view should properly display all-day events

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Airtable currently supports the importing and exporting of .ics calendar files, but the calendar view doesn’t properly support displaying all-day events — even when those all day events are perfectly formatted to the .ics standard.

The calendar view incorrectly displays all-day events as blocking out all 24 hours of the day, instead of simply displaying the all day event at the top of the day.

This applies to both:

  1. All-day events that take up one day. (The workaround for this is to make the start date & end date perfectly identical to each other, or just make the event a small 15 or 30 minute event.)


  1. All-day events that take up multiple days. (The workaround for this is to break up the event into multiple records.)

The latest thread which discusses this problem is located here.