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Product Suggestion: Importing attachments from CSV file via URL

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

This isn’t super high priority, because I know that we can accomplish this using Airtable’s API or the scripting block or great tools like this one, but it would be super cool if we could do this upon importing a CSV file into Airtable:

If a CSV file has a column of URL’s that each represent a publicly-accessible image somewhere, it would be cool to be able to directly import that CSV file into Airtable, and be able to map that column of URL’s directly into an Attachment field. Then, upon importing the URL’s, Airtable could download the images at those URL’s into the Attachment field.

Alternatively, it would be equally cool if we could import the URL’s on the CSV file into a URL field in Airtable, and then upon converting the URL field to an Attachment field, Airtable would download the images at those URL’s.