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Some Fields' Enhancements

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Specific Ones :
4. Checkbox = checkbox lists ? I know AT only wants single-lined rows but still could be possible…
8. Date = it could be possible to specify if we only want the date or only the hours of the day? also if I concatenate currently Date in a formula it reads the hour even when I dont use it, it gets like "day month year, 00:00:00 " those zero numbers … it seems even like a bug.
General Ones :

  • to auto-adjust cell size
  • to color each marked cell, not only a color tag in a left side of the row, but the actual cell we want to mark

Charts :

  • to be able of dismiss some results we dont need, for example, I want an age table of all the clients I received, except the foraneous ones ( X-axis ages column, Y-axis clients column, except: residency column =foraneous)
  • to be able of bucket values, like the option we have in date field. we could then group them manually, for example I have 300 products, but I want to see the difference of sales between my best products (10 products) and the rest (290 products) so we can see a comparison.
    this way I can make a visible chart, because currently any option with more than 10 or 20 different bars it starts to get wildly complicated and frustrating.
    Ive made charts with like, 50 or 70 bars and its unworkable.