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Time Tracker Block improvements

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

There are a couple of posts that are similar, but not specific to these suggestions–

Issue: When I click on the Start Tracking button the list of records comes up for me to choose one. Great. But it cannot be filtered or sorted. With (potentially) hundreds of records to scroll through to find the correct one, the chance of selecting an incorrect record is high, and it is a severe disincentive to use the Time Tracker Block.

Solution: Have the Time Tracker Block display the records as they are viewed, not as they are entered in the table. In other words, the record selection list in Time Tracker should display the current view of the primary field.

Issue: Rounding of recorded time. One must build a separate function within the table to provide any rounding of the time recorded. This adds work, possible errors, and complexity to the table. Most people I know want to round to the nearest 1/4, 1/2, or whole hour, either up or down. And while I understand there may be people who need to track time by the minute, a significant application of the Time Tracker is for the purpose of calculating charges for clients or pay for employees. I’ve never met anyone who charges or pays by the minute.

Solution: Provide some functionality to the Time Tracker Block that will automatically apply certain default rounding, such as “Nearest 1/4 hour”, “Nearest 1/2 hour”, “Nearest hour” with another selection of “Round Up” or “Round Down”.