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Up and down arrows on the Duration field

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Like a standard number field in HTML. It’s kind of annoying when I’m logging time on a task that I have to mentally add up the hours I worked to the hours already present in the field from my last session with the task. It would be nice to just click an up arrow like 2 times to add 2 hours to the existing value. I realize that is not complex math to perform in my brain but it’s more about speed than anything. I don’t even really want to look I just want to add 2 hours to the task. We have used Liquid Planner in the past and although I have my gripes with that platform the way they handle a time log field is perfect, it just adds to the previous values whatever you type in there. That kind of functionality would be great but I’d seriously just settle for some up and down arrows, I can’t speak for everyone but I usually just round up or down anyway. Unless I’m missing another field time for this kind of functionality but I didn’t see anything that stuck out to me.