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View Sections Enhancements (Nested Sections, Duplications, & Deletions)

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

To keep this relatively simple, this suggestion boils down to one thing: enhancing view sections. While view sections are relatively new, they have already been incredibly useful for our team. They not only clean up our Views, but they help sort information into categories.

However, I think View Sections may benefit from a couple of enhancements:

  1. Duplication would be incredibly nice. When you right click on a view, it has the option to rename, delete, and duplicate it. Why not add duplications to the sections as well? This would duplicate the section along with all of the views in the section. This could make doing views per collaborator much easier.
  2. The ability to nest sections could be handy too. We use our bases to organize trips. Ideally, we would have all trips in one base, and have views that filter applicants per trip. However, we have several collaborators per trip. Seemingly, it should be as simple as creating 1 view section per collaborator containing all of their trip views. However, we have several views that are useful for each trip. For instance, our trips table could have a gallery view, kanban view, and calendar view per trip. Thus, allowing for nested sections would be amazing.
  3. Changing the delete functionality would be great. In every other system that I have worked in, deleting a ‘folder’ deletes everything inside of it. Ideally, deleting a section would delete its views as well instead of moving them to the More section.

This last suggestion, though small, may be better serviced by allowing batch changes to views through the use of check boxes. Like selecting multiple records, if you could select multiple views and either mass delete them or drag them all together to another folder, this could greatly increase productivity.

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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Another “Sections” enhancement I’d like to see, is that I don’t think Sections are supported via the Scripting App, for example;


I haven’t been able to identify if there’s a way to limit the “Select a view” drop list to a Section, so that only the sections views would be listed within that list (in my case, the grid views of Red, Green and Blue)

const view_select = await input.viewAsync('Select a view', table)

It would be amaze if we could limit the input.viewAsync to a section of choice.