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We need a Zapier trigger for updated record

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

We really need a Zapier trigger for when an Airtable record is UPDATED.

Currently, the only option that Airtable has given us in Zapier is a trigger called “New Record In View”.

However, “New Record In View” IS NOT A SOLUTION.

The problem with the “New Record In View” option is that it only triggers the very first time a record appears in a view .

If the record falls off the view, and then comes back onto the view later, the trigger is never triggered again.

Therefore, the “New Record in View” option is not really usable for the vast majority of use cases.

What we really need is an “Updated Record” trigger in Zapier.

This is one of our Top 10 Feature Requests for Airtable.

Luckily, in the meantime, we’ve got OpenSide’s On2Air Actions to help us with this. It costs $50 per month (or $500 per year) to use On2Air Actions, but for businesses that can afford it & can truly benefit from it, the cost is well worth it.

I’ve never used Integromat’s Airtable integrations, but it looks like they do a similar thing to On2Air Actions — where they will scan records for updates and then trigger some sort of an action based on an updated record.

We absolutely love supporting these 3rd-party companies that have stepped up to the plate to deliver us wonderful solutions!

However, it’s always easier & better for the platform when the 1st-party company (Airtable) natively integrates necessary functionality like this into their platform.