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Woo-hoo! WORKDAY() takes negative numbers!

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13 - Mars


Somehow I missed the What’s New announcement of WORKDAY() — or, more likely, I saw it, but it didn’t sink in as I wasn’t working on anything related at the time.

Just last night, though, I posted an example database in response to a Support question, and in the base description I noted three things that should be fixed before putting my admittedly ‘toy’ base into production. One had to do with bullet-proofing the formula I wrote to find the previous workday to a given date; I mentioned some provision likely should be made for identifying holidays or other non-workdays that fell within the business week.

After seeing your Announcements post on the new ratings field, I went to see if there was anything else listed in ‘What’s New’; that’s when I noticed the entry on WORKDAY(). Reading through it, I noted with excitement the information on the optional holidays parameter. “If only WORKDAY() would take a negative value for numDays,” I thought, “it would be perfect for this base.” I came here to post a feature request asking for just that — and then remembered, virtually everywhere I’ve tried, Airtable functions have accepted negative values. I was delighted to find that WORKDAY({Date},-1) does indeed return the most recent weekday prior to {Date}. I’ve since modified the base to make use of WORKDAY(), and I wanted to thank everyone who made that possible. :slightly_smiling_face: