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Zapier integration - make triggers Instant or Push

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I am finding I am using Zapier to automate stuff in a client project and it would be much more useful if the integration were of the Instant type (as some other database products have with Zapier).

I have also been reading about Push Zaps which can be triggered directly and don’t need a trigger - if it were possible to add an after update event to fields and tables (and perhaps a button object as well) which would allow an Airtable user to specify a Zap to run with that event.

Example use cases

  1. I have an app where a user can add an article to a table and the app needs to then work out which clients are due to receive that article based upon some logic (Javascript largely) in a Zap.
  2. I specialise in HR software generally - in a leave app you need to be able to create records for each day of a leave (so that you can properly analyse it). This involves comparing the date for each day with the employee’s working pattern and also a list of public holidays to determine which ones are actually leave days. This should happen immediately when the ‘parent’ record is created.

I believe that this would greatly increase the flexibility of the product.