4 week online meetups for building automated CRM for B2B company sales persons / marketers

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4 - Data Explorer


  • 4 week accountability meetups to build automated CRM for myself
  • Do hands-on assignment before each meetup
  • During meetup on Zoom we discuss on our hands-on experiences and answer other’s questions
  • $50 to join - which includes an expert Q&A to answer all our questions

Hi everyone!

I’m building automated CRM with Airtable. But I’m not that confident to push myself to finish it, so I’d like to organize a weekly accountability group with other B2B company sales persons or marketers where

  • Do hands-on practices in the articles
  • Meet on Zoom weekly for an hour
  • Discuss on the obstacles and ask and answer questions to each other

Every week participants need to do hands-on practices on one’s own. Then, during the meetup, we can share and discuss on our experiences and ask & answer to each other.

I’ll collect $50 for each person who joins, and use part of that money to recruit an expert who can answer our questions if we have unanswered ones after meeting.

Any one who wants to join this group?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

When was the last event like this?