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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

hello, I have a small but may complicated issue. I have a data table, that lists several items to view over a website. the form for the table works well to populate the fields and add items. what is needed is another "contact form" that a visitor can use, to send inquiry, where the subject field is "prefilled" with the specific item number that the visitor "clicked-on" and expanded. like adding a button field, that will open that form, with the prefilled value from that exact column-row intersection. any ideas?

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I'm assuming you've embedded a grid view on your website or something?  If so, you can add a button field with a prefill by following the instructions here

And you would make it dynamic by utilizing the field names within the formula field, so assuming you had a field called "Item Name" you'd end up with something like:

"" & {Item Name}


Hello, thank for the input.

I came across "table forums" that is built by Scott Rose (, a community leader in there, Kuovonne, directed me to "own" extension. That was incredible, did the trick and much more. All the built in stuff in air table, as I tried, even when it "almost" did the trick, it will cause some other undesirable issues. 


thanks again