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Need to know what type of data is being returned to a formula from a field? What if that field is a lookup field? The common answer for the latter is, “It’s most likely an array,” but there are times when it’s a single value, and the correct type for certain fields is not always obvious.

To help save myself (and, I hope, many others) a lot of desktop head-banging, I dove deep into every field type to figure out what’s what, and captured my findings in a table, naturally. :slightly_smiling_face: You can find the results of that effort here:

I plan on updating this table regularly as new field types are added, so feel free to bookmark this shared view, as it’s gonna be around for the long haul.

On a side note, this table is the first resource added to my brand new site: It’s pretty bare-bones at the moment, but more content will be added over time.

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