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4 - Data Explorer


Hi all,

We discovered Airtable as awesome organizational database tool and started to use it extensively. We loved it for the way it’s organized and well-thought.

But what we really missed there is “Google Sheets magic”:

  • Being able to do advanced calculations
  • Data blending
  • Filtering
  • Allowing someone to use data from Airtable without even knowing Airtable exists

With that in mind, we developed an Google Spreadsheets add-on as a missing link between Airtable and Google Spreadsheets.

We made it to solve particular issues within our company and for internal use only. But we thought that this add-on can help other people to make their lives better by combining powers of two great database tools: Airtable and Google Spreadsheets we shared it with other people. So anyone is welcome to give it a try.




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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

Looks rad. Can’t wait to try this.

@Matt_Sayward then go try it, its live :slightly_smiling_face:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

This is kind of amazing. It solves all the api problems I’ve been having with values that equal zero and subsequent api calls( to return more than 100 entries) returning fields in different orders. I’m not sure how much future work yall are planning to do on the plugin, but if there is a way to add post functionality, that would be sweet.

How did I miss this???

Thanks for releasing this publicly. I need to find time to try it out

Hey Hashim,

Please let us know how is it going? What do you like and what not?

@Larry_Price and by “post” functionality you mean “import back to Airtable”?

@Dmitry_Pliska Indeed, create new records and update existing ones.

@Larry_Price yes, we are considering it for future functionality

@Dmitry_Pliska I’m loving using this for a lot of my smaller bases. I’ve been able to set up some easy reporting for my team without the headaches I was getting from working with the api as a json object. So far, if I had one wish, I would modify either the manual refresh or automated resync.

Since the addon clears the contents of the sheet, I have another sheet running filters and other formulas on the import sheet. From my second sheet, I can’t seem to manually refresh the airtable data. Granted, I could just click over to the import sheet and manually hit the refresh; However, for other reasons, I keep the import sheet hidden. The rest of my team doesn’t know how to hide or unhide sheets much less install or use add-ons with sheets.

All that to say, I think it would be great to be able to be able to manually re-import from another sheet or set the auto sync timer to something shorter than an hour.