Display Airtable linked records, new form fields and custom redirect, and more in Softr's update

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Lots of exciting updates and news in Softr’s May update:

:link: Linked Lists
You can now display linked records in your Softr app. If you have two (or more) tables linked to each other, now you not only can show data from one table but also all the related data from other tables on the same page. Check out the documentation to see how that works on a specific example.

:heavy_check_mark: Custom Form redirect on completion
Your forms just got superpowers! Until recently the form submission would only change the Submit button color to indicate success. Now on form completion, you can either show a success message to your respondents or send your respondents to another page in your app. Check out our documentation for more details.

:clipboard: New Form Fields
Our custom form builder now also supports Date & Time field type, alongside the standard Date type. Add the field and it gets magically mapped to your corresponding Airtable date & time field. Moreover, we’ve added a Checkbox field type. Here you can find an overfiew of all the field types including the new ones.

:orange_book: New Airtable Articles
Our Airtable learning hub is growing fast! Check out the new articles on the most used date formulas and most used formulas in general.

:toolbox: Free Tools by Softr
As some of you might know, we have been launching lots of handy tools for Free, to help you create beautiful designs, shapes, or simply make you efficient while building your app. Check out below our collection of the latest free tools we have:


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