Updates & new features to Paytable; The Airtable membership tool to monetize your Airtable data 🙌

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hi guys, Joel here :wave:

Over the last two weeks I’ve been working away on new features, updates and lots of improvements for A membership platform and secure reader for Airtable.

I recently dropped a thread over at twitter all about this, you can follow me on my journey over there if you want to keep in the loop with product progress as it happens.

Paytable is now becoming the perfect way to monetize any of your curated bases including research products, info databases, lead-magnets curated galleries, jobs-boards, tools lists, checklists and whatever it is that can provide value to your audience.

Monetizing Airtable data has never been easier and Paytable resolves the issue of sharing actual airtable shared view urls which means no more leaked access links.

Direct checkout links & customer onboarding improvements


If you’ve got your own website, or just a simple landing page somewhere and want to start selling access to an Airtable database, it’s now easier than ever. You don’t even have to use our widget or landing page.

Once you’ve finished setting up your product you can just grab a direct link which enables anyone to create a quick access account, make the purchase and load your main database in seconds!

Head to Paytable to start selling Airtable access

Roadmap & changelog


We have a roadmap! Stay in the loop with all the good stuff dropping soon over at the brand new, updated-with-love Paytable roadmap. I’ve had so many awesome and helpful feature requests I figured a roadmap is essential to share when new features will drop.

I’ll also be keeping track of all updates here at our public change-log.

Run test flows and see how your customers onboard to your database in seconds


It’s now super simple to experience what the setup and onboarding experience is like for your customers before you launch. In the checkout tab of your product setup you can now run test payments in seconds.

Get started over here

Coming soon! Welcome messages and in-app messaging for your subscribers


I’m currently working away on some new features including welcome messages and additional in-app communication for you to engage with your subscribers like never before.

Messaging, in-app tours, product up-sells and heaps more features to help you stay connected with your subscribers, all coming soon! Get your product ready for the changes!

Hoping that Paytable can help you start monetizing your Airtable data the right way!!

Thanks and any questions, feel free to give me a shout at

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