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What You Can Do if Airtable Is Down

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Hi Everyone,

Many of us have faced a situation when Airtable suddenly goes down. Since our platform Softr is also heavily dependent on Airtable, we’ve prepared a brief guide on what steps you can take when faced with such a situation. Hope it’s useful.


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Airtable’s getting better at not being down but even if its track record was so perfect it lulled you into a false sense of security… well, if your mission-critical use case has a single point of failure, you were doing things wrong from the get-go.

only tangible step here is:

a) regularly manually backup CSVs

But how powerful are CSV outputs?
You can only output one view’s CSV at a time.
Also how much aspects of info does it retain from the configurations you made on AirTable:

Just Field Order? Even that?

I think really AirTable need to create a bespoke Local Desktop data system as per:

Or b) syndicate to another spreadsheet app.
Again, you can only really syndicate raw CSV info right? So same objections as above.

Also I don’t really understand what you mean by

Do keep in mind that moving the data back to Airtable when you’ve edited it in Google Sheets after the downtime might be a bit of a hassle.

Is the idea that you’re manually updating the Google Sheet during the downtime and then re-adding it after? AirTable Sync might help make the re-adding easier in this scenario.