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Hi! We got great feedback from the community a few months ago and decided to go all-in on Airtable. Your can sign up for free, here:

Fillout may be for you if want a) modern forms that match your brand  b) a form builder made specifically for Airtable c) advanced functionality

Examples of what you can do with Fillout + Airtable:

  • 🔗 Pick linked records (with filters based on form responses)

  • Make multi-page forms (with conditional branching)

  • Update records via a form

  • 📩 Make forms with email/phone login

  • Sync single/multi select options from Airtable

  • Pre-fill fields

  • 🖼 Embed your form anywhere

  • Drag and drop customizable components (image picker, signature, file uploads, sections and many more)

  • 🎨 Style your form

  • 📅 Schedule with Calendly

  • Add review steps

  • 👀 Add powerful hiding and validation logic

Feel free to comment with any questions or feedback, I’ll be around 🙂

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Great tool! Thanks a lot for letting us know @Dominic_Whyte !

Thanks @Andrey_Kovalev, let us know if you have any questions as you try it out!