How to Create Documents Automatically with Your Airtable Data

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If you need a way to create documents automatically with your Airtable data 📃 📁 , whether it’s an invoice, a contract, a flyer handout, a label, or other types, you can use Google Docs with the On2Air app.

The On2Air Docs app allows you to automatically generate documents from your Airtable base into a Google Doc, Slide, or Sheet. Then, adds it back into your base as a PDF and Google URL.

You click a checkbox in your base or schedule automated times and your document is created. It's then uploaded back into your base as a PDF and/or a Google Docs file.

Here’s how AirOps Consulting, Founder and CEO Cherry Yang, uses it to generate Quotes and equipment lists from an Airtable base.

(There’s also a free Quote template for Docs and a Project Budget Airtable base template you can grab)

How On2Air Helped a Consulting Company Automatically Generate Documents using...

With clients who needed automated documents using data stored in Airtable, AirOps Consulting knew they needed a better document solution. Learn how the Google Docs Function in the On2Air Actions app helped AirOps Founder and CEO, Cherry Yang, provide...


You can try On2Air Docs for yourself here.


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7 - App Architect

Thank you for Sharing Hannah!