No-Code, Low-Code, and Low-Effort-Code

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Two of these terms are increasingly familiar to you; the third one – low-effort-code – is new, but you’ll be hearing about it more and the engineers at Airtable are likely very familiar with it. I just wish they’d bake the underlying AI into the Airtable code editors. Maybe the folks at SeaTable will listen because they support javascript and Python and GPT-3 supports both. :winking_face:

When I’m writing code, I have another programmer with me every day all the time. It’s an AI model that is constantly scanning my source code and making really fast lookups into about a trillion lines of code written by other programmers. It’s powered by GPT-3 and delivered as a plugin to VS Studio Code.

I typically use the VS Studio code editor to create Airtable scripts and as a result, my paired programmer has already learned how to write Airtable SDK scripts. As such, my low-code activities with Airtable have become more optimized - truly low-effort-code.

Here’s a little video demonstrating that this AI tool even knows how to comment my code.

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