How to MAKE a Mess (Wave Bye to Integromat)

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I wasn’t entirely surprised today to learn about the carnage over on the “Make” Facebook group, soon to be the former Integromat group. When Cleonis acquired Integromat I predicted there may be turbulence in its future.

I tried to tell you. This is what big companies that get bigger through acquisition do best.


There are some really angry customers because they apparently rototilled the framework, adjusted the terms and pricing, modified some long-understood concepts, and gave it a new name that even a Google PhD couldn’t find using the most advanced search queries imaginable.

Try to search for this new flagship product - it’s laughable. I definitely want to have coffee with the marketing MBA who spent perhaps $250,000 renaming and rebranding this product. “Make”? Seriously!?! Was “Do” taken? Did “Go” not make the shortlist?

And what were these people doing when this brilliant plan was hatched?


It backfired. But cheer up; it’s likely to get worse.

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As far as I know they lost tone of people in Czechia where they had programming teams, those people are gone elsewhere. It’s going to go downhill unfortunately. And I can’t tell you enough gently how much I hate that new website. It’s like If This than That version 1.0 Beta. They pick a boring-business like sounding name but look like a social media site for teenage girls.
There was always disconnect between the tech team and marketing/ sales team even during the times of Integromat. However, the founders being tech-folks, the technology prevailed. If you had asked the sales people before about Integromat and where the programmers were, they had no clue, just clueless :confused: sales people that’s what they were. I don’t think sales got better and given the old owners and guards are gone, now sales folks will setup a rodeo show I guess.