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Airtable has just released my latest app: My One Record.

I wrote this app because I wanted a quick way to access linked records in a grid view without the distractions of other unrelated records. I have been personally using this app in my own bases every day ever since I wrote it, and it is such a mental timesaver when you need to jump between parent and child records.

Here are some links:

To setup this app, your base needs …

  • a collaborators field (that allows adding multiple collaborators) in the parent table
  • a button field in the parent table to call the app
  • a lookup field of that collaborators field in the child table
  • a filtered view in the child table based on the lookup

The video demo has more details on how to setup and use the app. Note that you can test out the app before purchasing a premium license. A premium license simply removes the delay before changing the active view.

Some notes:

  • This app works in bases Pro workspaces, as well as Free and Plus bases in the new plans (not legacy Free/Plus bases).

  • A premium license is tied to the base in which it is activated, and a license cannot be reused in other bases, even if you remove the app from the original base.

  • A single instance of the app works for all collaborators in the base with editor or higher permissions. (Each collaborator will need his or her own filtered view.)

  • I recommend grouping the filtered view by the linked record field so that any new records added will automatically be added to the parent record.

  • The app does not change the view properly when using Airtable in some browsers. Please test the app before purchasing a premium license . There are no refunds due to this issue.

  • If the dashboard with the app is not open when you click the button, you will need to click the button a second time after the dashboard opens in order for the view to change.

  • When the view changes, it may take a moment for the view to update based on the new record values. If the app is configured correctly, but you see different records when the view changes, wait for the view to update.

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This. :clap: Is. :clap: Awesome! :clap:

I have always been confused as to why Airtable never included this basic & much-needed functionality in their product, because other database platforms natively offer this capability!

But now, you have solved this dilemma for everyone! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

Yay!! Great job!!

Congrats @kuovonne !