Need Help: What's your most frequent usage for iOS Airtable App?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi friends, I am reaching out to inquire about your most frequently used features on the iOS Airtable app. Currently, I am in the process of developing an iOS Shortcuts library aimed at simplifying the usage of Airtable on mobile devices. The library already includes 9 shortcuts, already implemented Web Clipper, Save Image,  Save File, Clip Social Media Content, they allow people automate the process of creating new record in Airtable. But I am seeking input from the broader audience to determine the next steps for its development.

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If you have any suggestions or insights regarding your most utilized features or if there are specific functionalities that would enhance your experience with Airtable on iOS, I would greatly appreciate it if you could kindly share them with me. In return for your valuable input if it's adapted, I am offering free access to the library as a token of my appreciation for your contribution.

Your feedback will be instrumental in shaping the future enhancements of the library and ensuring that it aligns closely with actual needs and preferences. Please feel free to reply directly with your thoughts and ideas!

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