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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

4 pricings :
Free : No big change
Team : old Pro ---
Busiess : old Pro +++ (key feature from enterprise available : 2sync, more records, more storage, invoice...)
Entreprise : old Enterprise +++

First fellings :
I like it a lot.
Business is the new PRO (the way to go for SMBs)


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>>> I also can't believe that one person using an interface on their iPhone costs the same as a person using the full suite of airtable features.

I often tried to warn everyone that Airtable has no conception of customer personas. Those messages are no longer discoverable in the new community. Unlike Coda, which has pricing based on Makers and Users, Airtable hasn't recognized and embraced the three primary customer personas - maker, producer, and consumer. Without understanding customer personas, pricing economics will almost certainly create poor outcomes.

Sean, I was really freaking out yesterday because of my 50 paid users in old pro plan. Here members referred to Softr and I tried it. I'll end up having around 10 users in airtable to manage data and pay a good plan in Softr, build all my applications there and allow my 15k customers to have a logged in area to access filtered data. It will be not easy, but I see a future. 

It does feel like Netflix forcing us to pay for more accounts instead of sharing passwords. But I bet it will teach them a lesson. At my company, people often refer to me as "Airtable lover". "There comes Philip with his airtable's solution". 

After all i'll build even more beautiful platforms for my team with great UX and solve my sharing data with clients platform. Airtable really pushed us out of themselves, there will be a lot of work involved, but in a few hours I managed to develop a client portal to look into their open support tickets with details and editing option!

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I don't think there will be a response from Airtable unless they start losing revenue over this.  They ignored us regarding granular permissions until their competitors starting adding them.  As before, our business would much rather stay with Airtable in the long run, but in the interest of encouraging them to consider our concerns, here are some of the competitors we were looking at previously: 

  • Softr: probably need to use on top of one Airtable seat.  Conditions to show rows are a little limited.
  • Glide: also used in conjunction with one Airtable seat.  Can't use filters as a security feature - filtered data still comes across in page source supposedly.  
  • NocoDB: open source, self hosted airtable-like skin for sql database
  • BaseRow: also open source and self hosted
  • Stacker: pricy but great with permissions.  Can pull data from Airtable or another source
  • Budibase
  • Rowy
  • Retool: as mentioned elsewhere in this thread
  • SmartSuite: probably the leading contender for us.  Not as full featured as Airtable, but they seem much more focused on SMB and responsive to customer concerns.  Rapidly catching up to Airtable.  Their dev seems much faster.  
  • Google Tables: probably vaporware at this point, but it allegedly graduated from Area120 to become a Google Cloud product.  No new news for about 18 months AFAIK.

@J_Jones thanks for putting that list together. 

Does anyone know if updates from and to Stacker or similar apps count as api calls?  or updates from Make/Zapier/Powerautomate etc.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I messaged support about removing features from Pro, and got back a clearly copied-and-pasted message that’s basically “yeah you have to upgrade!  Sucks to suck!” 

EVERYONE in this thread needs to message support and DO NOT LET THEM CLOSE THE TICKET until this is addressed.  We need to do something to get their attention because they clearly don’t give a **bleep** what **bleep** we talk in the forum.

I believe all users and aftermarket vendors are subjected to the same API limitations.

There's no evidence Airtable provides favorable dispensation to aftermarket vendors. They treat everyone with equality, a term they use often.

I get the sense they may actually be delighted if aftermarket vendors would leave the playing field.

18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Yes, all external services use Airtable’s API, so it counts towards the API limit.

However, Airtable has given us no way to count the API calls, so we have no idea how many calls are being made.

I do not like Stacker, but one of the best portals for Airtable is Noloco. I’ve heard good things about Softr as well, but Noloco is the more advanced tool. Those are probably the 2 leading portals for Airtable right now — Noloco and Softr

@ScottWorld Thanks.  Stacker wasn't my choice but I have a client who gave me no alternative and I was honestly surprised by how much they've improved since my previous evaluations. 

But with any of these tools, every time the client app does any update there is probably an api call.  If you have related tables, multiple api calls.  It's going to add up much faster than most people will realize.

I have a request in to support for information on finding out the current numbers on my accounts, so I'll pass on any useful response.  Of course the first suggestion was to ask everyone on this forum.

Apparently Stacker was only notified yesterday as well.  They will be advising on the impact once they complete their study (targeted for next week).  

No API call limits from Softr's side ))