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Hi there, I want to return a value of “Morning news” when the time from a live date falls between 5AM and 9AM. This needs to be irrespective of date, so I made a field that parses the time from the live date field. Currently I’ve got: IF(AND(VALUE(DA...
Hi team! I’ve been using this wonderful formula to set a due date for something, but the issue I have is that it defaults to 12:00AM. How would I append this formula to set it to, say, 4AM? Using a formula to return the date of 1st ...
Hello! We use this formula: =REGEXEXTRACT(IMPORTXML(A1,"/html/head/meta[@property=‘article:modified_time’]/@content"),"^(.+?)T") on Google Sheets to fetch publish date information from a URL (A1, in the formula). We would like to do something similar...
Hi Airtable community! I’m looking for a formula which fetches collaborator IDs The reason is, I want to assign through another formulas a set of teams. So, if user 1 is true in the ID column, return text value “team 1” If that makes s3ense!
Hi there! There are a few formulas out here for similar-ish issues but I can’t find on that matches exactly what I need. I’m trying to create a formula that shows “Done” if the date is in the past, “Upcoming” if in the future or “In progress” if it’s...